“Sometimes I don’t understand myself either, okay? And I need to understand what’s happening to me in here”, says Maria, pointing to her head as she tries to make the audience understand that she doesn’t understand herself and that she needs some way to sort herself out, to “put words on it”, she says.

Anomalía y Excepción is a journey between reality and fiction, where she exposes memories of her childhood and adolescence to understand if she is guilty of the death of her parents. It is a reflection about identity, gender, sex, death, guilt and suicide. An investigation into the boundaries of family relationships and the influence of religion on our thoughts.

Anomalía y Excepción Duration of the show: 60 minutes

Show in Catalan and Spanish.


Dramaturgy and direction: Maria Cambil

Performers: Clàudia Ferrer, Carles Vidal and Maria Cambil.

Light space: Pep Arumí.

Sound space: Carles Vidal.

Scenography: Ignasi Albarado.

Costume: Maria Boquera.

Artistic accompaniment: Xicu Masó.

A co-production of Maria Cambil Produccions and ERAM University School.

With the collaboration of El Canal – Center for the Creation of Performing Arts in Salt, L’Espiral Espai de dansa, Sala la Planeta and Festival Z.