Hello. How are you? It’s me. Well… My name isn’t “me”, I’m the guy who’s going to tell you the story. What is Mujeres de paja (Straw Women)? It is a love letter that a teenager (me) writes to his parents, but he will never be able to deliver it to them because of fear, fear of retaliation.

Dancing, singing, playing, kissing, partying, jerking off, hitting on your parents and recriminating them for all the bad things they’ve done (which has been almost everything) even if they’re what you love the most… are just some of the things you do when you’re a teenager.

I don’t know what they think of me, I don’t even know what my parents think of me, I don’t even know what my parents’ parents thought of my parents… Ugh, I’m getting complicated. But what I do think is that I’m a cool guy, yeah.

But hey, being a teenager is complicated, you know? That it’s not all about jerking off and passing high school and having hairs grow out of your armpit, I don’t know. I am afraid, and you are going to see me speaking about fear to you, and about my family, and about my sexuality, and about loneliness and the passage from childhood to maturity, that this has already been talked about a lot, I know, but the fact is that it will be me talking about it for you, you know? And I am… I don’t know, a singular guy. If not, what’s the point of explaining anything?

Oh, by the way, the love letter thing is metaphorical, I’m going to do everything except write.

Mujeres de paja
Mujeres de paja
Mujeres de paja
Mujeres de paja
Mujeres de paja

Spectacle in Spanish.

Duration of the spectacle: 1h 10min.

Dramaturgy: Fran Puche

Directed by: Maria Cambil

Interpretation: Fran Puche

Lighting space: Pep Arumí

Scenography and costumes: Nekane Bea

Artistic accompaniment: Xicu Masó and Eduard Molner.

Co-produced by Carla Font, Maria Cambil and Escola Universitaria ERAM.

In collaboration with Sala la Planeta, Ateneu Popular Coma Cros with El Canal – Center de Creació d’Arts Escèniques, and Espiral Espai de Dansa.